Dorma Variflex 100 Series (Manual)

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Variflex from DORMA is a premium, internationally acclaimed German-designed product that can accommodate the most demanding room configurations. Constructed with removable suspended panel faces allowing easy access for recovering replacement or access for service and maintenance. Variflex offers as standard, manually operated retractable top and bottom seals, ensuring ease of operation and guaranteed acoustic sealing. Dorma Variflex 100 Series is available in 2 different aluminum profiles. The 100U series provides an encapsulated 16mm substrate, whereas the 100K provides a 16mm rebated exposed edge substrate.

The perfect solution with the optimum price-performance ratio

DORMA Variflex is the ideal movable wall for normal sound insulation requirements, providing an effective division between different types of living areas. Its technology is representative of DORMA quality yet is ideal for the simpler, more standardised application. It is a solution that facilitates modern and flexible room design

Quality down to the last detail

The maximum height of the panel elements is 14,500 mm. The experience gained from manufacturing high quality customised products is fully utilised for such standard applications. With these design credentials, Variflex enables the successful implementation of practical solutions that offer guaranteed satisfaction in day-to-day usage.

Sensibly separating spaces

Aside from providing an aesthetically sophisticated division, Variflex also provides an effective acoustic barrier with attenuation of 44 – 55 Rw at normal noise levels.

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