Dorma Variflex 100 Series (Semi Automatic)


Operation with 100 Series semi-automatic technology requires even less effort, with added benefit.

  • Extension and retraction of the sealing strips is electronically controlled, eliminating both the time and effort of manual crank operation .
  • Precisely controlled contact pressure of the sealing strips is assured.
  • Special acoustic panels increase sound absorption and reduce reverberation.

Functional and aesthetic design

characteristics of a room are defined in particular by its visual appearance. Consequently, the partitioning system should also harmoniously integrate within the given ambience.Variflex makes this possible with a virtually inexhaustible choice of textures and colors meeting even the most demanding design and styling requirements. Enabling artistic ideas to be converted into reality.

Combining spatial elegance and functional efficiency to meet the highest standards

By incorporating sensible divisions, spaces can be configured in accordance with changing demands and prevailing functional requirements, giving more flexibility in every-day usage. The more complex the requirements placed on a movable wall system, the more clients are advised to opt for the Variflex 100 series. Even room proportions can be tailored to individual requirements with this system

Sensibly separating spaces

Aside from providing an aesthetically sophisticated division, Variflex Semi -Auto also provides an effective acoustic barrier with attenuation of 44 – 55 Rw at normal noise levels.

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