The 400 Slide Series is a moveable wall solution to maximise your space with moderate acoustic integrity. Designed for versatility and flexibility, the GlassSlide 400 Series can be used to combine with the SpaceSeal and GlassSeal 400 Series, allowing you to create a dynamic and practical space. Main Features are:

  • No bottom tracks
  • Aluminium frames
  • Available in either solid or glazed finishes
  • Creates a multipurpose space
  • Single, double or triple overtaking and face-mounted

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Whilst the education sector was the inspiration for the design of this product, its application in commercial construction is limitless where smaller opening sizes, mid-range acoustic performance and simplicity of use are required.

Surface Sliders

Our sliders have various options that can accommodate many spatial and interior requirements, the maximum width for Single panels is 1200mm which can be combined to make bigger panels.

Flexible Partitions

Available in various panel configurations that suit your needsL face slide, double overtaking, cavity or triple.

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