Dorma Moveo Glass Operable Wall.


Semi or Fully automatic Operable Wall system

The intelligent solution for flexible space utilisation

Office, hotels, exhibitions and studios increasingly require flexible and efficient space utilisation. There is a demand for intelligent solutions that enable a multi-functional and yet open-plan spatial configuration. For this the Moveo and Moveo Glass ranges combines transparent and sound insulating concepts.

  • High Stability with low weights per unit area
  • ComfortTronic seal actator for enhanced convenience and greater safety
  • Sound insulation rating for Solid is up to Rw 55 dB
  • Sound insulation rating for Glass is up to Rw 50 dB
  • Moveo Glass - full face glazing
  • ComfortDrive - fully automatic version
  • Optional inboard acoustic surface
Our walls and doors go by many names, solid operable wall, glass operable wall, movable wall, folding partition, room divider, acoustic door, meeting room divider, sound rated door, office door, acoustic slider etc so it can be hard to choose the right one. Whether its dividing meeting rooms, school rooms, conference centers or sound proofing office space our team can advise you on your options.

For efficient Space utilisation

Conference rooms and offices are today able to benefit from flexible spatial management. It all becomes possible with MOVEO movable, sound-insulating partitioning systems with opaque elements and the MOVEO Glass version comprising transparent elements. With these systems, it is possible to modify room sizes with ease, flexibility and speed, and thus adapt them to different occupant group sizes. Floor plans thus become multifunctional and more spatially efficient.

Dorma Moveo brought briefly to the point

  • Design
  • Lightness
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Connvenience

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