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Skyfold® is the world leader in acoustic vertical retractable walls. Our wall systems are completely electric and provide superior acoustics. With a simple keypad operation, a room can be quickly and quietly reconfigured to provide the user with tremendous space flexibility. There is no longer any need for manual intervention to position the wall in order to change a room’s configuration! Over the year’s architects have been relying on Skyfold’s quick and easy space management solutions to reconfigure multifunctional rooms. Skyfold® has been used in corporate boardrooms, training facilities and convention centers. Specialty applications include school gymnasiums, and auditoriums with stepped or sloped floors.

  • Skyfold® walls unite acoustics, design, performance and flexibility
  • Industry-leading STC 60 (RW 59) rating
  • Skyfold® walls store neatly in the ceiling when not required
  • Our wall systems are also aesthetically pleasing as there are no visible hinges or hardware
  • Skyfold® is available in a variety of standard or custom finishes including vinyl, fabric, various metals, wood veneers and paint finishes

CLASSIC - for maximum versatility

Skyfold® Classic™ is a vertical moveable wall system that retracts to the ceiling. It is space-saving and requires no guides or track rails and offers acoustic insulation up to Rw 59 dB. This elegant robust wall system enables rapid and fully automatic operation at the press of a button.

ZENITH - the slimline model

Skyfold® Zenith™ combines the accordion folding elements found in the Classic series at the top portion reducing to a flat thin panel as it descends. folds only in its upper section, which means furniture can be placed nearer to the movable wall; and the Zenith Premium model comes with an integrated ceiling trim to seal off the gap when the wall is lowered.


Skyfold’s Zenith Premium is the newest addition to the Skyfold line and offers the same benefits of the Zenith product, but with an additional advantage. The ceiling pocket that stores the Skyfold wall is traditionally visible when looking up from the base in its down position. The Zenith Premium, however, features closure panels to hide the pocket from view, thereby maintaining the ceiling’s flushed and unobtrusive appearance. With this added feature, the Zenith Premium in its down position not only divides your space like a fixed wall, but also looks like a permanent fixture.

MIRAGE - the transparent solution

Skyfold Mirage® ombines vertical Skyfold technology with elegant transparency. Offering a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels, Skyfold Mirage is the ideal solution for creating bright and welcoming spaces. This elegant and robust folding wall system enables rapid and fully automatic operation at the press of a button.

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