GlassSeal 400 Series


The elegant and contemporary design of the GlassSeal 400 Series operable wall suits modern architecture prominent in many offices, education and commercial spaces. Designed to maximise visual transparency while maintaining acoustic separation ideal for dynamic and collaborative environments. Available in two models:

  • 410 Series:-The 410 series is typically a Single Glazed wall Series , which is an ideal solution for spaces that desire to maintain an open space for lighting and visual requirements but less need for acoustic separation.
  • 420 Series:- The 420 Series is more famous and widely used Double Glazed wall series, Which has  a better solution to reduce noise in busy environments while maintaining maximum light transparency.
Our walls and doors go by many names, solid operable wall, glass operable wall, movable wall, folding partition, room divider, acoustic door, meeting room divider, sound rated door, office door, acoustic slider etc so it can be hard to choose the right one. Whether its dividing meeting rooms, school rooms, conference centers or sound proofing office space our team can advise you on your options.

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