Top 3 features of using a Moveable wall

Regardless of what industry you work in, spatial flexibility is becoming a necessity in workspaces. More and more offices are shifting towards moveable walls to modernise and improve their workflow. Below, we explain the top 3 features of our moveable walls.


Creates a multipurpose space

Trans-Space Industries can design a moveable wall that can maximise or minimise space when necessary. Our doors are easy to handle with the option to stack to the side or into a cavity. We can assist you to find a suitable configuration that suits your spatial requirements.


Modern and sophisticated design

According to the New York Times, architects are designing spaces that reinforce flexibility and collaboration in the office. Trans-Space’s doors are designed to last with top quality fitting and architectural finishes. Our doors can either be solid or glass wall partitions or sliders and available in a variety of colours and finishes that seamlessly integrates with most interiors.


Acoustic separation

Particularly popular in office and education spaces, moveable walls are a great solution to reduce or isolate sound. With the ability to partition the space, team collaboration and productivity are improved with minimal disruptions.