Variflex St Marks

Project Spotlight: St Marks Apartments

With the popularity of open plans, architects are considering moveable walls as an alternative to partition residential spaces.

Our work with Dominion Constructors (Main Contractors) at the St. Marks Apartments in Remuera, Auckland creates a simple and sophisticated look while managing to blend with the apartment, producing a multipurpose and dynamic space.

The Variflex 100K SA is a perfect solution to minimise sound transfer between the dining and lounge. With an acoustic rating of 50 STC and semi-automatic retractable seals, the wall acts as an effective sound barrier to the busy chatter coming from the dining room or the loud tv noises from the lounge.

A smooth and seamless transition between the two spaces is achieved by using a neutral white colour. Using Resene’s Half Rice Cake paint offers a cosy atmosphere and minimalistic touch to the space.