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Project Spotlight: Aorere College


GlassSeal 422 Series at Aorere College


Back in 2015, Trans – Space Industries worked with Construction Management and Babbage Consultants to design and produce GlassSeal 422 Series for Aorere College’s auditorium.

Many schools, hotels, churches, offices and spaces where two or more meeting functions take place simultaneously are leaning towards glass operable to divide their rooms – an ideal solution to maintain an open space for lighting and visual requirements with high acoustic properties.

The GlassSeal serves as a flexible and multifunctional partition allowing users to conveniently divide or open the space when necessary.

Aorere College hosts weekly assemblies, the GlassSeal 400 provides them with an open space especially when the students tend to spread out and occupy the reception area.

The double-glazed feature is better at sound reduction and transfer, particularly convenient whenever they host social gatherings with students, parents or visitors – a perfect solution for busy environments.