Glass-Seal 100 Frameless at NZME building

Benefits of using Glass Partitions

Glass moveable walls are trending especially with architects designing open-plan layouts in offices. It’s a flexible solution to reduce sound transfer while maximising visual transparency – ideal for an inclusive and collaborative workspace. Using glass walls gives a sophisticated, sleek and timeless look that will stay relevant in modern architecture and interior design.

Modern design reflecting professionalism

Many companies choose glass walls over solid partitions because of the modern and sleek aesthetic the glass provides. It’s customisable and easy to fit the company’s brand using colourful decals or frosting.

Glass coordinates well with most office furniture and wall textures, it also exhibits a sense of innovation and forward-thinking for companies. Using a glass wall emulates transparency which many businesses are striving to achieve. It gives a feeling of openness and honesty, with everyone being visible to each other.


Natural light is significant to productivity and wellbeing

According to Forbes, natural lighting has positive effects on an individual’s wellbeing. Poorly illuminated offices can result in physical and mental health issues such as eye strain, headaches or migraines, stress and anxiety.

Future Workplace released “The Employee Experience”, revealing that access to natural light is one of the necessities employees desire for in a workplace. Alan Hedge, a professor at Cornell specialising in Design and Environmental Analysis, reported a high margin of individuals with decreased symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and migraines. With the majority of office workers working indoors, providing sufficient natural light or good lighting is essential for a functional work environment. Therefore, many companies are designing spaces that incorporate these necessities and leaning towards glass walls as an option.