SpaceSeal Operable Wall

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Trans-Space Industries's SpaceSeal Operable Wall Series is designed to be a stylish, convenient and popular solution for schools, community centres, offices, conference or meeting rooms in retail and hospitality. Offering a varied range of acoustic and configuration options that is suitable in a wide range of environments where maximising space is constantly required while maintaining privacy and sound isolation. Manufactured totally inhouse gives us the ability to deliver operable walls in industry leading lead times. Our walls and doors go by many names, solid operable wall, glass operable wall, movable wall, folding partition, room divider, acoustic door, meeting room divider, sound rated door, office door, acoustic slider etc so it can be hard to choose the right one. Whether its dividing meeting rooms, school rooms, conference centers or sound proofing office space our team can advise you on your options.

200 Series

The easiest solution to apply in basic room applications while offering reliable acoustic isolation. Specifically designed to be an economical and practical solution to fit most spaces.

400 Series

The best solution for a dynamic and versatile space with the flexibility to combine solid or glass finishes and other configurations. Ideal for space looking to create a flexible environment while maintaining acoustic rating.

500 Series

Offering a combination of high-level acoustic integrity and simplicity of movement. Designed with retractable bottom seals allowing users to manoeuvre the doors with ease.

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