GlassSeal Series Operable Wall

glassSeal400 (1)

The elegant and contemporary design of the GlassSeal operable wall suits modern architecture prominent in many offices, education and commercial spaces. Designed to maximise visual transparency while maintaining acoustic separation ideal for dynamic and collaborative environments. Available in two models:

  • 100 Series - designed with elegant simplicity while offering numerous practical benefits, the GlassSeal 100 is a wonderful solution to effectively partition a space while maximising light and openness.
  • 400 Series - combining elegant transparency with reliable acoustic performance, the GlassSeal 400 is a perfect system for various spaces. Designed with the ability to combine with other finishes and configurations.
Our walls and doors go by many names, solid operable wall, glass operable wall, movable wall, folding partition, room divider, acoustic door, meeting room divider, sound rated door, office door, acoustic slider etc so it can be hard to choose the right one. Whether its dividing meeting rooms, school rooms, conference centers or sound proofing office space our team can advise you on your options.

GlassSeal 100

The GlassSeal 100 is the perfect solution for visual transparency and partition, the main features for these doors are:

  • No bottom tracks
  • Natural light utilised
  • 100mm tapered rails
  • Distinctive clean lines
  • Available in 10mm, 12mm, 15 or 19mm thick glass
  • Maximum height is 3500mm*
  • Opening with limited by available structural support
  • Rails mechanically fixed to glass for strength and safety
  • Creates a multipurpose space

Stacking – There are many options to suit different openings, the 100 Series stacking options are: Endfold, Centre, Off-Set, Remote and Parallel

Finishes and Accessories – The GlassSeal 100 offers a variety of powder coat colours for the top and bottom of each panel. Consult with our team for any hardware requirements.

GlassSeal 400

The 400 Series is designed for a flexible partition solution to be combined with the SpaceSeal 400 and Slider Series. It’s a stylish and convenient solution for many schools, office fit-outs, conference or simple meeting rooms. Offering the flexibility of combining solid and glass partitions creates a dynamic space and ability to choose the desired level of visual transparency in the space.

The GlassSeal 400 Series is a popular alternative for better acoustically rated glass solution, the main features are:

  • Single or double glazed
  • No bottom tracks
  • Aluminium frame

*Contact Trans-Space Industries for further enquiries.