Introducing Sound Swing 320 double glazed doors

Glass system partitions are becoming a popular solution to transform offices into modern contemporary spaces. Using glass maximises visual and light transparency, creating an airy and bright space ideal for a collaborative environment while keeping important meetings private.    Double glazed systems are available and provide superior noise control but are made redundant with limited closing options, like single glazed doors. The Sound Swing door is Trans-Space Industries’s solution to the acoustic limitations in glass partition systems.    Clean and Sleek look with a flushed finish   At 40mm thick with two sheets of 6mm toughened glass, the double glazed door looks inconspicuous with no jamb or aluminium trims visible and sits flush with the rest of the glass system.    Acoustically rated door   With 35 STC, the double glazed door has superior sound isolating properties to close off the area. While maintaining visual transparency, the door’s acoustic integrity keeps disruptions minimal, essential for a flexible and collaborative office.    Quick assembly to suit most openings   Designed for standard openings and can accommodate existing glass partitioning systems.The doors come pre-assembled, making quick and easy installation. The Sound Swing doors have hinges, mortice with key/egress options, and automatic drop-down Raven seals.